HoloTube The Applied Holography Webinars Network

FALL 2020

01/09/202016:00 CETDynamics of Fluids without Boost SymmetriesJelle HartongUniversity of Edinburgh
08/09/202016:00 CETDiffusion in a magnetic fieldDanny BrattanUniversity of Genova
15/09/202016:00 CETHydrodynamics Off EquilibriumPaul RomatschkeUniversity of Colorado Boulder
22/09/202016:00 CETHolographic QCD and Gravitational WavesAldo CotroneUniversity of Firenze
29/09/202018:00 CETHow right was Landau?John McGreevyUniversity of California at San Diego
06/10/202016:00 CETThe complex life of hydrodynamic modesAndrei StarinetsUniversity of Oxford
13/10/202016:00 CETUnmasking PT symmetryCarl BenderWashington University
27/10/202016:00 CETGravitational turbulence in large DChristiana PantelidouTrinity College Dublin
03/11/2020116:00 CETHolography, hydrodynamics and condensed matter experiments: a critical overviewAndrea AmorettiUniversity of Genova
10/11/202018:00 CETTowards a general map from Navier-Stokes to Maxwell via EinsteinCynthia KeelerArizona State University
17/11/202016:00 CETDoes the hydrodynamic expansion converge?Ben WithersUniversity of Southampton
24/11/202015:00 CETTopological modes in hydrodynamics and holographyYa-Wen SunUniversity of Chinese Academy of Science
01/12/202017:00 CETDiscussion panel about hydrodynamics, out-of-equilibrium physics and holographyNavid Abbasi & Matthias KaminskiHoloTube Team
08/12/202016:00 CETEntropy current for higher derivative theories of gravitySayantani BhattacharyyaIndian Inst. Tech., Kanpur
10/12/202017:00 CETPart II of Discussion on "Hydrodynamics, out-of-equilibrium physics and holography"Navid Abbasi & Matthias KaminskiHoloTube Team
15/12/202016:00 CETHolography and the Quark-Gluon Plasma: The Next DecadeJorge NoronhaUniversity of Illinois