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Discussion about ”Hydrodynamics, out-of-equilibrium physics and holography Part II” hosted by Navid Abbasi and Matthias Kaminski

Date : 10th of December, 17:00 CET

Link : https://zoom.us/j/98810153463?pwd=WWtWQXBURGw1NTZ2Rm82QThPbW42dz09

Host : Navid Abbasi and Matthias Kaminski (HoloTube Team)

Panelists: Pavel Kovtun (University of Victoria), Michal Heller (Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics, Postdam), Paolo Glorioso (Stanford), Ben Withers (Southampton University)

Title: Discussion about Hydrodynamics, Out-of-Equilibrium Physics and Holography Part II

Abstract: In the recent two decades, hydrodynamics has been systematically studied as a low energy effective field theory (EFT), which is an expansion into operators and their derivatives. This EFT has been extended in many directions by: including the effect of interactions, examining the convergence of its dispersion relations, re-summing the derivative expansion, connecting it to gravity, pushing it forward to far from equilibrium situations, establishing its causality and stability conditions, and deriving it from a generating functional. In this panel discussion, with four experts we assess the status and prospects of this field.