HoloTube The Applied Holography Webinars Network

17/10/202316:00 CESTRelativistic fluctuation dynamicsXin AnNorth Carolina University
07/11/202316:00 CETHuge Operators: From Bananas to DoorsPedro VieiraPerimeter Institute and ICTP-SAIFR
14/11/202316:00 CETA holographic effective field theory for a metal with a Fermi surfaceDominic ElsePerimeter Institute
21/11/202316:00 CETFractons gauge theory vs GravityFrancisco Pena BenitezWroclaw University of Science and Technology
27/11/202318:00 CETDiscussion on causal stable hydrodynamicsAkash Jain, Pavel Kovtun (Team Victoria)
Lorenzo Gavassino, Mauricio Hippert, Nicki Mullins, Jorge Noronha (Team Chicago)
28/11/202316:00 CETDisordered quantum critical fixed points from holographyAndrew LucasUniversity of Colorado Boulder
05/12/202310:00 CETRelativistic Hydrodynamics under Rotation with HolographyMarkus AmanoYamagata University
09/01/202416:00 CETHolographic effective actions for charged fluidsJulio VirruetaUniversity of Jena
16/01/202416:00 CETApparent fine-tunings from broken spacetime symmetriesAlberto NicolisColumbia University
23/01/202418:15 CETBound on thermalization from hydrodynamic fluctuationsLuca DelacretazUniversity of Chicago
30/01/202416:00 CETPseudospectra of Holographic Quasinormal ModesKarl LandsteinerIFT Madrid