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25th of September “Holographic QCD and Gravitational Waves” by Aldo Cotrone

Date : 22th of September 2020, 16:00 CET

Aldo Cotrone (University of Firenze)

Link:  https://zoom.us/j/96945024145?pwd=aHM4emtlWFJ0M2VBd1pCSmhtYVptdz09

Title: Holographic QCD and Gravitational Waves

Abstract: I will first review basic properties of the Sakai-Sugimoto model, the top-down holographic theory closest to QCD. Then, in this model I will describe the process of nucleation of bubbles of true vacua in the case of two first-order transitions: the confinement/deconfinement and chiral symmetry breaking/restoration ones. Finally, using these information, I will present the calculation of the gravitational wave spectra generated in these transitions, when the Sakai-Sugimoto model is employed as a dark sector. Prospects of detection will be discussed.