HoloTube The Applied Holography Webinars Network


15/04/202017:00 CETGeometry, duality and odd transport in flatlandCarlos HoyosUniversidad de Oviedo
22/04/202017:00 CETHolography in the lab: are the killer aps around the corner?Jan ZaanenUniversity of Leiden
24/04/202010:00 CETIntertwined orders and Fermionic Spectral Functions in HolographyLi LiChinese Academy of Science ITP-CAS
30/04/202017:00 CETHydrodynamic FluctuationsLuca DelacretazUniversity of Chicago
05/05/202016:00 CETTransport in clean quantum critical superfluidsEric MeffordÉcole Polytechnique Paris
12/05/202016:00 CETPairing instability on Luttinger Surfaces : SYK thermodynamics from a condensed matter perspectiveChandan SettyUniversity of Florida
19/05/202016:00 CETRelations between transport and chaos in holographic theoriesRichard DavisonHeriot-Watt University
26/05/202016:00 CETDiscussion about applications of holographyHosted by Matteo BaggioliHoloTube Team
02/06/202016:00 CETStrongly Correlated Dirac Materials, Electron Hydrodynamics & AdS/CFTRene MeyerUniversity of Wurzburg
09/06/202016:00 CETSL(2,R) lattices and networks as information mirrors and decodersAyan MukhopadhyayIndian Institute Of Technology Madras
16/06/202016:00 CETHolography of the spin currentUmut GürsoyUniversity of Utrecht
23/06/202016:00 CETConstraining Non-Relativistic RG Flows with HolographySera CremoniniUniversity of Lehigh
30/06/202018:00 CETEffective Field Theory for Chaotic CFTsMoshe RozaliUBC Vancouver
7/07/202016:00 CETA new hydrodynamics with spin formalism for the description of polarization effect of Lambda hyperonsRajeev SinghInstitute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences
14/07/202016:00 CETCoherent and incoherent transport in holographic models with spontaneously broken translationsAlexander KrikunNordita
21/07/202016:00 CETSuperluminal chaos after a quantum quenchKévin NguyenHarvard
28/07/202016:00 CETComplexity and Conformal Field TheoryMario FloryJagiellonian University