Date : 23th of June 2020, 16:00 CET

Sera Cremonini (University of Lehigh)


Title: Constraining Non-Relativistic RG Flows with Holography

Abstract: The basic question of how to organize the degrees of freedom of a quantum system as a function of energy scale has proven very difficult to address in a general context. The powerful c-theorems, for example, which provide a clear measure for the number of effective degrees of freedom through the existence of a monotonic c-function, rely crucially on Lorentz invariance. In this talk I will discuss attempts to identify potential generalizations of a c-function within the context of non-relativistic holographic RG flows. In particular, I will examine Einstein-Maxwell-scalar theories that support geometries that are not Lorentz invariant at all energy scales, and identify several quantities that behave monotonically along RG flow. While some results are completely generic in Einstein-Maxwell-scalar theories, others will only hold in Einstein-scalar theories.