Our second Webinar online is by Jan Zaanen (Instituut-Lorentz and University of Leiden)

Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83787273625?pwd=QW1xaTZ4UXhxWE5ZTVJMZDFmb3Nsdz09

Date : 22nd of April, 17:00 CET

Title: Holography in the lab: are the killer aps around the corner?

Abstract: Dealing with nature, being on the right track may have the effect that out of the blue surprises starts raining down in the laboratory. AdS/CMT may be in such a state. How ARPES disqualified the cuprate quantum critical point proving the presence of holography style strange metal phases. How graphene style nano-transport devices appear to pick up hydrodynamical electron flow in such a strange metal, seemingly implying the governance of the minimal viscosity. How transport properties in the cuprate spin stripes in very large magnetic fields reveal the fingerprints of the “second” quantum critical sector. When time- and co-authors permit, how the same stuff lingers on in the overdoped regime co-existing with an unreasonable Fermi-liquid.