Date : December 21, 2021, 16:00 CET

Michael Landry (MIT)


Title: The coset construction for non-equilibrium systems

Abstract:  I will present a systematic coset construction of non-equilibrium effective field theories (EFTs) governing the long-distance and late-time dynamics of relativistic, finite-temperature condensed matter systems. This non-equilibrium coset construction makes significant advances beyond more standard coset constructions in that it takes advantage of recently-developed techniques, which allow the formulation of non-equilibrium effective actions that account for quantum and thermal fluctuations as well as dissipation. Because these systems exist at finite temperature, the EFTs live on the closed-time-path of the Schwinger-Keldysh contour. As an illustritive example, we will focus manily on the construction of the EFT for finite-temperatrue solds, though we will comment on how this coset method can be used to construct EFTs for a wide range of condensed matter systems.