HoloTube The Applied Holography Webinars Network


25/01/202214:00 CETSolitons and non-equilibrium physics in holographyYu TianUCAS Beijing
01/02/202216:00 CETBlack Tsunamis and Naked Singularities in AdSRoberto EmparanUniversity of Barcelona
08/02/202216:00 CETThe Hilbert Space of Large N Matter Chern Simons TheoriesShiraz MinwallaTata Institute of Fundamental Research
15/02/202214:00 CETSpin hydrodynamics and Lambda polarization in heavy-ion collisionsXu-Guang HuangFudan University
22/02/202216:00 CETOn the sparse SYK modelElena CaceresUniversity of Texas at Austin
01/03/202216:00 CETNICER view on holographic QCDNiko JokelaUniversity of Helsinki
08/03/202216:00 CETQuantum gravity and statistical physicsJan de BoerUniversity of Amsterdam
15/03/202216:00 CETSpace-dependent symmetries and fractonsCarlos HoyosUniversity of Oviedo
22/03/202216:00 CETSoft pions, hydrodynamics, and the chiral critical pointDerek TeaneyStony Brook University
29/03/202216:00 CESTEmergent times in holographyHong LiuMIT
03/05/202216:00 CESTFlat space holography in lower dimensionsDaniel GrumillerVienna University of Technology
10/05/202216:00 CESTHeavy and thermal states in CFT and holographyAndrei ParnachevTrinity College Dublin
17/05/202216:00 CESTComplexity = Anything^2Robert MyersPerimeter Institute
31/05/202216:00 CESTHydrodynamics, spin currents and torsionAmos YaromTechnion
07/06/202216:00 CESTQuantum Chaos and Unitary Black Hole EvaporationDavid LoweBrown University
21/06/202216:00 CESTA semi-holographic model of non-Fermi liquidsGiuseppe PolicastroEcole Normale Supérieure, Paris
28/06/202216:00 CESTSuperconductivity without quasiparticles: Quantum critical Eliashberg theory and its holographic dualJörg SchmalianKIT
05/07/202216:00 CESTDiscussion: Future directions in many-body quantum systems and condensed matter physics from holographyHong Liu
Andy Lucas
University of Colorado, Boulder
12/07/202217:00 CESTHolography for QFTs in de SitterKostas SkenderisUniversity of Southampton