Date : November 8, 2022, 16:00 CET

Jácome Armas (University of Amsterdam )


Towards a hydrodynamic theory for condensed matter systems

Abstract: I will discuss a new hydrodynamic theory that accounts for pinning, phase, and momentum relaxation effects due to translational disorder, diffusion due to the presence of interstitials and vacancies, and strain relaxation due to plasticity and dislocations. I will focus on signatures of plastic deformations in electronic crystals and show that proliferation of dislocations de-pins the spatially resolved conductivity until the crystal melts, after which point a new phase of a pinned electronic liquid emerges. The framework is applicable to a large class of physical systems including electronic Wigner crystals, multicomponent charge density waves, metals and ordinary crystals. I will also briefly mention how one can potentially study the effect of dislocations and plasticity in holographic setups.