Date : July 13, 2021, 16:00 CEST

Karl Landsteiner (IFT Madrid)


Title: Is the chiral magnetic effect fast enough?

Abstract:  Charge separation via the Chiral Magnetic Effect is currently searched for in the data of the isobar run at RHIC. Understanding how the effect is realized in heavy ion collisions is 
affected by many difficulties. I will address one if these: the question of how long does it take for the CME current to build up in a non-equilibrium situation. This is a relevant question
since the life time of the magnetic field is limited. To this end we have employed a holographic model which allows to monitor the out-of-equilibrium evolution of relevant quantities such as
pressure anisotropy and CME. Matching model parameters to QCD values we find that the CME build up time is short enough to be effective at RHIC energies but might be too short to be
effective at LHC energies.