Date and time: Monday, December 20th at 11:00 AM CET.

Speaker:  Xavier Ponce INFN ESR

Title: ΔEFT: an Effective Field Theory of the Type-2 Seesaw Mechanism.

Abstract: In the Standard Model there are several unsolved puzzles that motivate different extensions with new fields. For instance, the Type-2 Seesaw Mechanism is introduced to explain why neutrino masses are so tiny, however, this model cannot explain other issues of the SM, e.g. Dark Matter. Thus, this theory could also be regarded as incomplete, needing another (heavy) field to solve other open questions of the SM. This motivates the construction of an expansion of the Type-2 Seesaw model to allow for dimension 5 and 6 operators. In this, talk I will present the basis of operators of SM fields + Type-2 Seesaw up to dimension 6 and show different ways of constraining this parameter space, discussing phenomenological pros and cons that this kind of extension can offer us.

Slides: files/PresentacionHiddenESR_PonceDiaz_Xavier.pdf

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