Date and time: Monday, October 25th, at 11:00 CEST

Speaker:  Maria Ramos (UAM)

Title: Composite signals of new physics

Abstract: In this talk, I will discuss the phenomenology of several composite Higgs models where new pseudo-Nambu Goldstone bosons emerge at the electroweak scale, along with the Higgs boson, after the spontaneous breaking of a global symmetry. These exotic particles can explain several problems in particle physics, from dark matter to the flavour anomalies, leading to specific signatures at high energy facilities. After combining astrophysical and collider probes, I will show that large regions of the parameter space of the composite theories where the interesting phenomena can be addressed have not been probed by the experimental collaborations, therefore requiring significant efforts in order to be constrained.

Slides:  files/Hidden_MariaRamos.pdf

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