HIDDeN Virtual Institute is a part of the European ITN project (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2019//860881-HIDDeN)  focused on revealing the (a)symmetries we have yet to discover, hence hidden (a)symmetries, and the particles on which they act, in particular the invisible sector, made of neutrinos, dark matter and other elusive particles.

The network involves twelve beneficiaries nodes from five EU member states and twenty one partner organisations around the world, out of which seven are Private sector enterprises.

This project will explore simultaneously the puzzles related to the CP symmetry in the lepton sector as well as in strong-interactions (the latter leading to axions and axion-like particles), (a)symmetries in the mass and mixing patterns of known particles, (a)symmetries responsible for the dark matter stability and its interactions. And we will address a key question are all these sectors part of a new HIDDeN sector whose discovery will lead us to the New Standard Model?

The mission of the HIDDeN ITN is to train the new generation of researchers to address these most fundamental questions via an ambitious multidisciplinary research and training program. Focused on phenomenological studies and include crucial links to experiments and industrial partners. We bundle world leadership in phenomenology research and our network includes representatives of key-experiments and laboratories on the field, such as CERN, Fermilab, Super Kamiokande, ADMX.


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