Date and time: April 5th @16:00 (CEST)

Speaker: Laura Lopez-Honorez (Universit√© Libre de Bruxelles)

Title:  Freeze-in, SuperWIMPs and Primordial Black holes as possible sources of Non-cold dark matter.

Abstract:  Dark matter (DM) represents 80% of the matter budget of the Universe and up until now its nature is unknown. Even if the DM would interact very feebly with the SM, even gravitationally only, it could leave a distinctive imprint on cosmology observables due to free-streaming at early times. In my talk in particular I will discuss the case of DM arising from Freeze-in and superWIMP production mechanisms as well as primordial black hole evaporation. I will detail how in the later cases one can easily recast existing constraints from Lyman-alpha forest observations on thermal warm dark matter into those (non thermal) Non Cold DM scenarios, and discuss the complementarity between such a bound with other particle physics or cosmology constraints.

Slides: files/HiDDen-LLH.pdf

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