HIDDeN & ASYMMETRY WEBINAR: Tuesday May 23rd 2023 @16:00 (CEST)

Speaker: Camilo García-Cely (IFIC, Valencia)

Title: Selection rules for the detection of gravitational waves in axion haloscopes.

Abstract:  Gravitational waves generate oscillating electromagnetic effects in the vicinity of external electric and magnetic fields. I will show how this phenomenon allows to use certain axion haloscopes as detectors of gravitational waves in the 100 kHz - 100 MHz range. Then, I will discuss a set of selection rules which determine the parametric sensitivity of different detector geometries to axions and gravitational waves. In particular, I will argue that optimizing for the axion signal in detectors with cylindrical symmetry eliminates the leading-order contribution of the gravitational-wave signal, and show how small modifications can remedy this.

Slides: files/hiddenWebinar_Camilo_Garcia-Cely.pdf

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