Our research group specialises in Astroparticle Physics, with emphasis on understanding the nature of the dark matter (DM) in our universe. We study particle models for DM, their phenomenological implications on theories beyond the Standard Model and strategies to detect and identify them. We also explore new ways to test new physics in the neutrino sector with direct DM detection experiments, as well as exploring the implications in astrophysical objects such as supernovae.

We are actively involved in the experimental search for DM with underground direct detection experiments. We are members of the SuperCDMS collaboration and MIGDAL.


ASTROLABES: Astroparticle Laboratory for Elusives Searches
IP: David Cerdeño
(2023 – 2025)

DM+nu: Probing the Invisible Side of the Universe
IP: David Cerdeño
(2020 – 2024)

PADMU: Particles, Astroparticles and Dark matter in the Universe
IP: David Cerdeño, Miguel Angel Sanchez Conde
(2022 – 2025)

Tecnologías Avanzadas para la Exploración del Universo y sus Componentes (TAU-CM)
IP: José del Peso
(2022 – 2025) 

Parameters for Understanding Uncertainty (P4UU)
Grant ID: 1897
IP: Rebecca Collins
(2022 – 2023)