Yashar Akrami

Ramón y Cajal fellow

Yashar’s interests revolve around theoretical and observational understanding of the origin, evolution, future, and fundamental building blocks of our Universe.


Yago Ascasibar

Profesor Contratado Doctor (UAM)

Yago’s research focuses on dark matter, galaxy formation and evolution, astrostatistics and data analysis.

Daniel Ceverino

Ramón y Cajal fellow

Daniel works on galaxy formation at high redshifts using cosmological hydro dynamical simulations.


David Cerdeño

Beatriz Galindo Senior fellow (IFT UAM/CSIC)

David is interested in Astroparticle Physics, Theory and Phenomenology of Dark Matter models Experimental Dark Matter searches (member of the SuperCDMS Collaboration) Elementary Particle Physics: Phenomenology of theories beyond the Standard Model (Supersymmetry and String Theory).

Weiguang Cui

Atracción de Talento fellow (UAM)

Weiguang is mainly working on computational astronomy/astrophysics using numerical simulations.


Angeles Diaz


Angeles’s research focuses on nebular abundances, chemical evolution, emission line galaxies, galaxy evolution, stellar populations.


Matteo Fasiello

Ramón y Cajal fellow

Matteo’s interests are centred on the physics of the very early universe, including the inflationary particle content, non-Gaussianities, gravitational waves (GW) productions mechanisms, GW anisotropies, and axions in the inflationary context.


Enrique Fernández

Profesor Contratado Doctor (IFT UAM/CSIC)

Enrique works in particle physics phenomenology, mainly on neutrino physics and its connection to dark matter and the baryon asymmetry of the universe. He belongs to the T2HK and DUNE collaborations.


Margarita García Pérez

Científico Titular CSIC (IFT UAM/CSIC)

Margarita’s research focuses on the study of strongly coupled aspects of Quantum Field Theory, with particular emphasis on those relevant for Particle Physics and on the use of lattice techniques to address these problems.

Claudia Glasman

Profesora Titular

Claudia is working on experimental High Energy Physics.


Violeta Gonzalez Perez

Atracción de Talento fellow (UAM)

Violeta is interested in understanding how galaxies and gas trace the distribution of matter at different cosmic epochs. For this purpose, she constructs and analyses theoretical galaxies in a cosmological context using super computers and she compares them to observations.

María José Herrero

Professor (IFT UAM/CSIC)

Maria Jose is interested in the Standard Model of Particle Physics.


Alexander Knebe


Alexander is in interested in cosmology, galaxy formation and high-performance computing.

Karl Landsteiner

Investigador Cientifico (IFT UAM/CSIC)

Karl is a theoretical physicist working on quantum field theory of exotic states of matter. He is also a member of the AdS4CME collaboration.

Gwendolyn Meeus

Profesor Contratado Doctor (UAM)

Gwendolyn is interested in the evolution of protoplanetary discs
around young stars. She studies them through observations in the X-ray, IR and mm domain.

Savvas Nesseris

Savvas Nesseris

Científico Titular (IFT UAM/CSIC)

Savvas is mainly interested in Machine Learning/AI methods, modified gravity/dark energy models and data analyses. He is also a member of the Euclid, LVK and LISA collaborations.


José Miguel No

Ramón y Cajal fellow (IFT UAM/CSIC)

Jose´s research focuses on physics beyond the Standard Model, and its implications for LHC phenomenology and the physics of the early Universe.

Tomas Ortin

Profesor de Investigación (IFT UAM/CSIC)

Tomas is interested in formal aspects of gravity and its applications.


Nataly Ospina

Maria Zambrano fellow (UAM)

Nataly’s current research is mainly focused on neutrinos and accreting white dwarfs of the nova-type. She is a member of the Super-Kamiokande and Hyper-Kamiokande collaborations.


Carlos Pena

Profesor Titular (IFT UAM/CSIC)

Carlos’s research focuses on strong interaction effects in various areas of elementary particle physics: flavour dynamics, breaking of chiral symmetry in QCD, electroweak symmetry breaking. Most of his work is carried out using lattice field theory methods.


José del Peso

Profesor Titular

José is working on experimental High Energy Physics.


Miguel A. Sánchez-Conde

Profesor Contratado Doctor (IFT UAM/CSIC)

Miguel’s current research is mainly focused on the search for dark matter with gamma rays and the analysis of N-body cosmological simulations. He is a member of several collaborations:  Fermi-LAT,  Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) Consortium, DESI and former member of MAGIC.


German Sierra

Profesor de Investigación (IFT UAM/CSIC)

German is interested in Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Information, Conformal Field Theory, Mathematical Physics, Number Theory and Physics.


Juan Terrón

Profesor Titular

Juan is working on experimental High Energy Physics.


Jorge Fernández de Trocóniz

Profesor Titular

Jorge is working in the CMS experiment at the LHC; his specialties are: (i) design, construction and operation of muon triggers; (ii) data analyses searching for the effects of BSM physics signals.


Gustavo Yepes

Catedrático (UAM)

Gustavo’s main research interest is Cosmological Numerical Simulations..
He is currently involved in several international collaborations to perform Grand Challenge cosmo simulations at different scales.