Date and time: May 3rd @16:00 (CEST)

Speaker: Martin Bauer (IPPP & Durham University)

Title: ALP searches with Flavour and Collider observables.

Abstract:  Pseudo Nambu Goldstone bosons or axionlike particles (ALPs) can be light remnants of a heavy new physics sector.

The UV structure of this sector determines the coupling structure of the ALPs. Light ALPs are strongly constrained from beam-dump searches and astrophysical observables and ALPs with masses close to the electroweak scale can be discovered with resonance searches.

I will discuss different techniques to discover ALPs in the intermediate mass range with a special focus on long-lived ALPs.  Flavour observables can be particularly relevant in this mass region and I will discuss the RGE running of ALP couplings from the UV scale to the low energy scale to show how flavor violating couplings are generated.


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