Date and time: Monday, May 10th at 11:00 CET

Speaker:  Valentina Montoya (UHEI ESR)

Title: Cold Dark Matter Production. Non instantaneous reheating.

Abstract: We studied the perturbative decay of a massive scalar in the reheating era not necessarily identified as the inflaton. We explored how to produce dark matter relic density in both WIMP and FIMP scenarios and the coupling parameter space to obtain under a non standard cosmological model the right dark matter abundance. In particular for the FIMP case, we studied the relation between the dark matter mass and the reheating temperature to check the conditions under which the relic density can be kept unchanged during a subsequent radiation dominated era.
Finally we treated the massive scalar as a mixture between the inflaton and dark matter, and calculated its observables to restrict its vacuum expectation value (vev). We consider a reheating period produced through a dark portal for which we found a coupling between the visible and the dark sector of $\delta \approx 10^{-12}$ to achieve the right dark matter abundance.

Slides:  files/SlidesValentina_MontoyaESR.pdf



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