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DESI Spain Participation Group

The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument DESI will measure the effect of dark energy on the expansion of the universe. It will obtain optical spectra for tens of millions of galaxies and quasars, constructing a 3-dimensional map spanning the nearby universe to 10 billion light years.
DESI will be conducted on the Mayall 4-meter telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory starting in 2018. DESI is supported by the Department of Energy Office of Science to perform this Stage IV dark energy measurement using baryon acoustic oscillations and other techniques that rely on spectroscopic measurements.
The Spain Participation Group (DESI-ES) is led by the Campus de Excelencia Internacional UAM+CSIC
We have a valuable experience on precision fiber positioning mechanisms. We have built, in collaboration with the spanish company AVS, a 29-mm pitch fiber positioner for the GTC telescope and a 12-mm pitch one for the DESI/BigBOSS project. Currently we are designing a smaller 10-mm pitch actuator for DESI in collaboration with EPFL-Lausanne and the companies MPS, Precistep and AVS.
We also contribute to the project with the design, construction and verification of the focal plate and a demonstrator.

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