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Science interests of DESI

The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) is a massively multiplexed fiber- fed spectrograph that will make the next major advance in dark energy in the timeframe 2018-2022. On the Mayall telescope, DESI will obtain spectra and redshifts for at least 18 million emission-line galaxies, 4 million luminous red galaxies and 3 million quasi- stellar objects, in order to: probe the effects of dark energy on the expansion history using baryon acoustic oscillations (BAO), measure the gravitational growth history through redshift-space distortions, measure the sum of neutrino masses, and investigate the signatures of primordial inflation. The resulting 3-D galaxy maps at z < 2 and Lyman-alpha forest at z > 2 will make 1%-level measurements of the distance scale in 35 redshift bins, thus providing unprecedented constraints on cosmological models.
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