• Asymptotic Dynamics, large gauge transformations and infrared symmetries
    G. Gomez, Mischa Panchenko
    e-Print: arXiv:1608.05630
  • Strong Coupling and Classicalization (Conference proceeedings)
    G. Dvali
    e-Print: arXiv:1607.07422
  • Goldstone origing of black hole hair from supertranslations and criticality
    A. Averin, G. Dvali, C. Gomez, D. Lust 
    e-Print: arXiv:1606.06260
  • Bubbles of Nothing and Supersymemtric Compactifications
    J. J. Blanco-Pillado, B. Shlaer, K. Sousa, J. Urrestilla
    e-Print: arXiv:1606.03095
  • Universality of Black Hole Quantum Computing
    G. Dvali, C. Gomez, D. Lust, Y. Omar, B. Richter
    e-Print: arXiv:1605.01407
  • Skyrmion Black Hole Hair: Conservation of Baryon Number in Black Holes and Observable Manifestations
    G. Dvali, A. Gussmann
    e-Print: arXiv:1605.00543
  • Small Neutrino Mases from gravitational theta-term
    G. Dvali, L. Funcke
    e-Print: arXiv:160203191
  • Gravitational Black Hole Hair from Event Horizon Supertranslations
    A. Averin, G. Dvali, C. Gomez, D. Lüst
    e-Print: arXiv:1601.03725


  • Universal Properties of Type IIB and F-theory Flux Compactifications at Large Complex Structure
    M. C. D. Marsh, K. Sousa
    e-Print: arXiv:1512.08549
  • Stuckelberg Formulation of Holography
    G. Dvali, C. Gomez, N. Wintergerst
    e-Print: arXiv:1511.03525
  • Non-Thermal Corrections to Hawking Radiation Versus the Information Paradox
    G. Dvali
    e-Print: arXiv:1509.04645
  • Classical Limit of Black Hole Quantum N-Portrait and BMS Symmetry
    G. Dvali, C. Gomez, D. Lüst
    e-Print: arXiv:1509.02114
  • Towards a Quantum Theory of Solitons
    G. Dvali, C. Gomez, L. Gruending, T. Rug
    e-Print: arXiv:1508.03074
  • Black Hole Type Quatum Computing in Critical Bose-Einstein Systems
    G. Dvali, M. Panchecnko
    e-Print: arXiv:1507.08952
  • Nambu-Goldstone Effective Theory of Information at Quantum Criticality
    G. Dvali, A. Franca, C. Gomez, N. Wintergerst
    e-Print: arXiv:1507.02948


  • Quantum exclusion of Positive Cosmological Constant?
    G. Dvali, C. Gomez
    e-Print: arXiv:1412.8077 [hep-th]
  • Black Hole Formation and Classicalization in Ultra-Planckian 2 -> N Scattering
    G. Dvali, C. Gomez, R.S. Isermann, D. Lust, S. Stieberger
    e-Print: arXiv:1409.7405 [hep-th]
  • Corpuscular Breaking of Supersymmetry
    G. Dvali, C. Gomez
    e-Print: arXiv:1406.6014 [hep-th]
  • BICEP2 in Corpuscular Description of Inflation
    G. Dvali, C. Gomez
    e-Print: arXiv:1403.6850 [astro-ph.CO]



  • On How Neutrino Protects the Axion
    G. Dvali, S. Folkerts, A. Franca
    Published in: Phys. Rev. D89 (2014) 105025
    e-Print: arXiv:1312.7273 [hep-th]
  • Quantum Compositeness of Gravity: Black Holes, AdS and Inflation
    G. Dvali, C. Gomez
    Published in: JCAP 01 (2014) 023
    e-Print: arXiv:1312.4795 [hep-th]
  • Black Hole's Information Group
    G. Dvali, C. Gomez
    e-Print: arXiv:1307.7630 [hep-th]
  • Scrambling in the Black Hole Portrait
    G. Dvali, D. Flassig, C. Gomez, A. Pritzel, N. Wintergerst
    Published in: Phys. Rev. D88 (2013) 124041
    e-Print:  arXiv:1307.3458 [hep-th]


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