The programme "String Phenomenology in the LHC Era" (SPLE), is a 5-year project supported by the European Research Council with a €1.5 million budget. This projects addresses some of the most pressing problems in Fundamental Physics. On the one hand String Theory is currently the strongest candidate for a theory of Quantum Gravity that includes Particle Physics. On the other hand a new era has begun in the field of Particle Physics since the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) accelerator at CERN (Geneva), started running on 2010. The first groundbreaking result from the LHC has been the discovery of a new particle with all the features of the long-time expected Higgs Boson. The project SPLE aims to describe the Standard Model of Particle Physics in the realm of String Theory, including the new experimental data related to the Higgs Boson and the upcoming data to be delivered by the LHC.




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