VIPERS Spectra

This class is dedicated to handling the spectra from VIPERS galaxy redshift survey, see Garilli et al. 2014.

class GalaxySpectrumVIPERS.GalaxySpectrumVIPERS[source]

The class GalaxySpectrumVIPERS is dedicated to handling VIPERS spectra

class GalaxySpectrumVIPERS.GalaxySpectrumVIPERS(catalog_entry, calibration=True, lineFits=False)[source]

Loads the environement proper to the vipers survey.

Two modes of operation : flux calibration or line fitting

  • catalog_entry – an entry of the vipers catalog
  • calibration – if the class is loaded with intention of flux calibrating the vipers data.
  • lineFits – if the class is loaded with intention of fitting line fluxes on the vipers spectra.

reads a VIPERS pectrum returns the wavelength, the flux and the error on the flux and two arrays for masking purpose