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1. Every week, there will be one prize: an IFT mug for the winner/s

2. To participate, we will propose every thursday a challenge or a question

3. Every thursday, the winner of the last week will be announced

4. You can participate either in English or in Spanish

5. The contest will last until the end of June, with a trial period of 1 month


Calendar 2018:

  • Week: 4th to 11th January: 

Challenge: Scientific wish for 2018

Winner: @DivulgaMadrid

  •  Week: 11th to 18th January:

Challenge: Questions for the special IFT Responde of 11th February

Winner: @BonillaGJesus 

  • Week: 18th to 25th January:

Challenge: What is your favourite formula? 

Winner: @Jaime_redon

  • Week: 25th January to 1st February:

Challenge: Physics in my daily life

Winner: @astronomyii

  • Week: 1st to 8th February:

Challenge: Superblue blood moon

Winner: @CrisPignoise   

  • Week: 8th to 15th February:

Challenge: Your favourite physics outreach female

Winner: @Bere_barionica and last minute surprise!!

  • Week: 15th to 22nd February:

Challenge: Favourite current female physicist

Winners: @pagarab and Teresa Rodrigo from @unican @DifusionIFCA

  • Week: 22nd February to 1st March:

Challenge: Physics and sports

Winner: @Dm_Mariia

  • Week: 1st to 8th March:

Challenge: Science fiction film 

Winner: @Placeresvirtual

  • Week: 8th to 15th March:

Challenge: Científica favorita de cualquier época en el área de física

Winner: @RadiactivoMan 

  • Week: 15th to 22nd March:

Challenge: Frase más inspiradora de Stephen Hawking

Winner: @pedrorealr

  • Week: 22nd to 29th March:

Challenge: Propiedad física, curiosidad o experimento con o sobre el AGUA más interesante

Winner: @Mora___ 

  • Week: 29th March to 5th April:

Challenge: Proponer título a la imagen


  • Week: 5th to 12th April:

Challenge: 50 Aniversario de 2001: Odisea en el espacio

Winner: @rafasith 

  • Week: 12th to 19th April:

Challenge: Misión espacial (tripulada o no) favorita

Winner: @carlotaconuez

  • Week: 19th to 26th April:

Challenge: Libro de divulgación favorito

Winner: @VicenteChomali

  •  Week: 26th April to 3rd May:

Challenge: Retuitea proponiendo un título a la imagen

Winner: @Willy04290

  • Week: 3rd to 10th May:

Challenge: Star Wars Day

Winner: @RTAndres

  • Week: 10th to 17th May:

Challenge: Vídeo favorito de Crespo

Winner: @juanjgou

  • Week: 17th to 24th May:

Challenge: Día de Internet 

Winner: @kBoltzmannlogW

  • Week: 24th to 31st May:

Challenge: Partícula favorita (descubierta o hipotética) 

Winner: @poyeyali 

  • Week: 31st May to 7th June:

Challenge: Objeto astrofísico preferido

Winner: @Julyto5        

  • Week: 7th to 14th June:

Challenge: Nuevo Ministerio de Ciencia

Winner: @CaRoLCrEsPo_FyQ

  • Week: 14th to 21st June:

Challenge: 10.000 seguidores en Twitter

Winner: @Diegomo35741087

  • Week: 21 to 28 June:

Challenge: Meme taza IFT 

Winner: @Science_Magu

----- We stop the contest for the moment, it will be launched again in autumn!!



Calendario 2019:

  • Week: 10th to 17th January:

Challenge: Mensaje favorito de la temporada pasada


  • Week: 17th to 24th January:

Challenge: Preguntas sobre física para el especial IFT Responde 11 de Febrero 

Winner: @pdiracc  

  • Week: 24th to 31st January:

Challenge: Vídeo favorito de la Jornada Youtuber de Ciencia Clip

Winner: @nuriaricher

  • Week: 31st January to 7th February:

Challenge: Científica pasada o presente para premio Nobel

Winner: @FyQBellido

  • Week: 7th to 14th February:

Challenge: Descubrimiento de la siguiente científica que reciba el premio Nobel 

Winner: @brodriguezsci   

  • Week: 14th to 21st February:

Challenge: Día Mundial de la Radio  

Winner: @Isa_R_C  

  • Week: 21st to 28th February:

Challenge: Meme científico favorito  


  • Week: 28th February to 7th March:

Challenge: Tema científico para los vídeos del concurso Ciencia Clip Latinoamérica   

Winner: @TuFotonSalvaje 

  • Week: 7th to 14th March:

Challenge: Experimento casero de física para un futuro vídeo de YouTube 

Winner: @FranzRuzR

  • Week: 14th to 21st March:

Challenge: Libro favorito de divulgación de Stephen Hawking

Winner: @GuijonGustavo

  • Week: 21st to 28th March:

Challenge: Tuit-poema científico 

Winner: @erlangcola 

  • Week: 28th March to 4th April:

Challenge: Canal de divulgación favorito de YouTube 

Winner: @rogerpuig_ 

  • Week: 4th to11th April:

Challenge: Libro científico para las vacaciones

Winner: @Pandutrek

  • Week: 11th to 25th April:

Challenge: Poner título a la imagen

Winner: @lylaswam

  • Week: 25th April to 2nd May:

Challenge: Medida de apoyo a la ciencia

Winner: @LEscaned

  • Week: 2nd to 9th May:

Challenge: Memes con el edificio del IFT

Winner: @Xx_S4NN4S_xX

  • Week: 9th to 16th May:

Challenge: Nombres de físic@s europeos célebres

Winner: @teey_ten

  • Week: 16th to 23rd May:

Challenge: Problema abierto de la Física preferido 

Winner: @jramort 

  • Week: 23rd to 30th May:

Challenge: Frase más inspiradora de Eduard Punset 

Winner: @marialehc_2010

  • Week: 30th May to 6th June:

Challenge: Poner título a la imagen

Winner: @uotloy

  • Week: 6th to 13th June:

Challenge: Formato de divulgación favorito

Winner: @stakcoverflow

  • Week: 13th to 20th June:

Challenge: Imagen del LHC 

Winner: @Dybel  

  • Week: 20th to 27th June:

Challenge: Meme taza IFT

Winner: @DotCSV


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