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IFT Outreach Team:


ALBERTO CASAS  is CSIC Researcher at the IFT, and author of several books for the general public (in spanish) like "El bosón de Higgs" (with T. Rodrigo, ed. CSIC). His research field is Particle Physics beyond the Standard Model.



JOSÉ L. FERNÁNDEZ BARBÓN  is CSIC Researcher at the IFT, and author of the book (in spanish) "Los agujeros negros" (ed. CSIC) addressed to the general public. His expertise involves General Relativity, quantum black holes, and string theory. 




SUSANA HERNÁNDEZ  is a journalist, and head of IFT Scientific Communication. Since 2010 she has worked as the administrative manager of the MultiDark Consolider project, focused on Dark Matter research.




CARLOS PENA is Professor at UAM and member of the IFT. His research focuses on the study of strong interactions using techniques of quantum field theory on the lattice.




GERMÁN SIERRA is CSIC Researcher at the IFT. His research centers on problems of Theoretical Condensed Matter, Quantum Information and Mathematical Physics. 




ANGEL URANGA  is CSIC Researcher at the IFT, and coordinator of the outreach team. His research focuses on supersymmetric field theories and string theory.