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Collaboration with Fermi-LAT


MultiDark researches are carrying out several collaborations with the Fermi Large Area Telescope (Fermi-LAT), which is one of the world-leading experiments for the indirect detection of dark matter. Two current cat. 2 collaborations are:


-To cross-correlate the Fermi-LAT data that we are currently working on for the anisotropy study with the 2MASS redshift survey catalog (2MRS). We will then use the MultiDark dark matter simulation maps to predict the cross-correlation and to interpret the measurement. The interpretation of this measurement will focus on dark matter implications

(Approved in April 2014)

Contact authors: J. Siegal-Gaskins, A. Cuoco, M.A. Sanchez-Conde (MultiDark), G.A. Gómez-Vargas (MultiDark)

External Authors: T. Linden, M. Fornasa (MultiDark), F. Zandanel (MultiDark), J. Zavala, E. Komatsu, S. Ando, A. Benoit-Levy


-Dark matter implications of Fermi-LAT measurement of anisotropies in the gamma-ray diffuse background


Former cat. 2 collaborations were:


Search for 100 MeV to 10 GeV γ-ray lines in the Fermi-LAT data and implications for gravitino dark matter in the μνSSM

- Constraints on WIMP annihilation for contracted dark matter in the inner Galaxy with the Fermi-LAT

- Detection of the cosmic gamma-ray horizon from multiwavelength observations of blazars


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