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The group is formed by the following members belonging to the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) & the Instituto de Física Teórica (IFT)-UAM/CSIC:

Carlos Muñoz UAM & IFT
David G. Cerdeño UAM & IFT
Luis Robledo UAM
Alexander Knebe UAM
Jesús Moreno IFT

Pradipta Ghosh UAM & IFT
Ji-Haeng Huh                                UAM & IFT

Ph.D. Students:


German A. Gómez                        UAM & IFT
Federico Sembolini UAM
Arianna Di Cintio UAM
Edoardo Carlesi UAM
Former members Present position
Julien Lavalle CNRS-Univeristé Montpellier II, France
Carlos Yaguna Universitat Munster, Germany
Beatriz Cañadas Private sector
Javier Fidalgo Private sector, GMV
Luis A. Martínez-Vaquero Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

The members of the group work mainly in the theoretical analysis of the dark matter problem from particle physics and astrophysics viewpoints. They study the nature and structure of the dark matter in the Universe, and its possible detection on space-based detectors, atmospheric telescopes and underground laboratories. The analyses are carried out in the context of physics beyond the standard model, such as for example in supersymmetric theories. The study of the dark matter implications in colliders such as LHC is also contemplated. Several of the UAM & IFT members are also involved in the Fermi collaboration.

In addition to the MultiDark project, the UAM & IFT members belong currently to the following national and regional projects related to the dark matter research:
  • Astroparticles in the Universe, FPA2009-08958, 2010-12
  • Supersymmetric Dark Matter, AIC-D-2011-0771, 2011-12




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