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5th IBS-MultiDark-IFT Workshop

Online, 13-16 October, 2020


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Miguel A. Sánchez-Conde appointed convener of the Dark Matter & New Physics WG of Fermi-LAT

This is the second time that our colleague of the MultiDark UAM & IFT group will act as such, after a 2-years period back in 2014-15.


Fermi-LAT keeps leading the search of possible dark matter signals from space. We congratulate Miguel A. Sánchez-Conde for his renewal.


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Marina Cermeño, USAL Alumni Award for Research

Marina Cermeño, member of MultiDark, has obtained the Alumni - University of Salamanca Award for Research ‘Professor Garmendia’ for her thesis ‘Dark matter in dense astrophysical objects’. She had previously also obtained the Extraordinary Doctorate Award.


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17th MultiDark Consolider Workshop

Gandía, Valencia, 18-20 November, 2020


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16th MultiDark Consolider Workshop

La Rábida, Huelva, 25-27 September, 2019


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ANAIS results in Nature news

Preliminary results about annual modulation of ANAIS-112 experiment led by the GIFNA group of UZ, participant in MultiDark, are cited in the news of the journal Nature.


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Prof. Blas Cabrera, spokesperson of CDMS, is visiting MultiDark UAM/IFT and UZ groups.  

He will also give several colloquia and seminars. 

more information: colloquium ( link a: http://www.ift.uam-csic.es/en/calendar/2012/02/9 ) ; seminar (link a: http://www.ift.uam-csic.es/en/node/3310) 


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