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Remember to mention in the acknowledgements the support of the project. We suggest to write something like:We thank the support of the spanish MICINN’s Consolider-Ingenio 2010 Programme under grant MultiDark CSD2009-00064

author: German A. Gomez-Vargas, Miguel A. Sanchez-Conde, Ji-Haeng Huh, Miguel Peiro, Francisco Prada, Aldo Morselli, Anatoly Klypin, David G. Cerdeno, Yann Mambrini, Carlos Munoz
title: Constraints on WIMP Annihilation for Contracted Dark Matter in the Inner Galaxy with the Fermi-LAT
journal: JCAP
volume: 10
year: 2013
pages: 23
eprint: 1308.3515

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