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Remember to mention in the acknowledgements the support of the project. We suggest to write something like:We thank the support of the spanish MICINN’s Consolider-Ingenio 2010 Programme under grant MultiDark CSD2009-00064

author: Arthur, Jake; Pearce, Frazer R.; Gray, Meghan E.; Elahi, Pascal J.; Knebe, Alexander; Beck, Alexander M.; Cui, Weiguang; Cunnama, Daniel; Davé, Romeel; February, Sean; Huang, Shuiyao; Katz, Neal; Kay, Scott T.; McCarthy, Ian G.; Murante, Giuseppe; Perret, Valentin; Power, Chris; Puchwein, Ewald; Sa
title: nIFTy galaxy cluster simulations - V. Investigation of the cluster infall region
journal: MNRAS
volume: 464
year: 2017
pages: 2027
eprint: 1609.07311

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