Date : June 15, 2021, 16:00 CEST

Nick Poovuttikul‬ (Durham University)


Title: Holography and hydrodynamics of 2-group global symmetry

Abstract:  Higher-form symmetry associated to extended operators are ubiquitous in quantum field theory. Together, these generalised global symmetry can be combined and form a larger structures known as higher-group. I will give a review of recent developments of hydrodynamic descriptions that describe QFTs with higher-form and higher-group (particularly 2-group) global symmetry in the deep IR. I will also discussed key features of minimal holographic model constructed from higher-form/higher-group gauge theory in the bulk and how it captures universal predictions from hydrodynamics. Relations between 2-group global symmetry and a gauging of non-anomalous subgroup of an anomalous theory will also be discussed.