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Actuator Test Results

Detail of two dummy positioners installed in a petal.

The Mayall 4-Meter Telescope.

A manufactured piece ("petal") of the focal plate.

Details of the focal plate container that will be installed in the telescope.

The 10mm robotic positioner developed by the Spanish-Swiss research group.

                                Optical set-up developed for the automatic characterization of each positioner. Left: lateral view, the positioner is installed in front of a CCD camera that will monitor
                                each movement. Center: head of the positioner, installed close to a fiducial optical fiber, used to define a reference point. Right: overall view of the optical set-up.

Presentation of the old 20mm prototype in the EPFL Robotic conference (2013)

The robot prototype (right) in front of a microscope (left). Click on the picture for viewing a moving prototype video.

A simulated performance of the anticollision software for a group of 19 actuators. Click on the picture to see an animation of the combined movement.

2013 DESI-ES