Date and time: May 27th at 11:00 AM CET

Speaker:  Arsenii Titov

Abstract: We explore the possibility that dark matter interactions with Standard Model particles are dominated by interactions with neutrinos.

We examine whether it is possible to construct such a scenario in a gauge-invariant manner. We first study the coupling of dark matter to the full lepton doublet and confirm that this generally leads to the dark matter phenomenology being dominated by interactions with charged leptons. We then explore two different implementations of the neutrino  portal in which neutrinos mix with a Standard Model singlet fermion  that interacts directly with dark matter through either a scalar or vector mediator. In these cases we find that the neutrino interactions  can dominate the dark matter phenomenology. Present neutrino detectors can probe dark matter annihilations into neutrinos and already set the strongest constraints on these realisations. Future experiments such as Hyper-Kamiokande, MEMPHYS, DUNE, or DARWIN could allow to probe dark matter annihilation cross section to neutrinos down to the value required to obtain the correct thermal relic abundance.