Date and time: March 25th, 2019

Speaker: Álvaro Hernández Cabezudo

Abstract: In this seminar I will remind you the status of the short baseline anomalies and their interpretation in terms of sterile neutrino oscillations, focusing on the strong tension between the appearance and the disappearance data sets, which tell us that the MiniBooNE and LSND excesses can not be interpreted in terms of active-sterile neutrino oscillations. I will bridge this issue to alternative explanations for the MiniBooNE excess, which since last summer is much more significant than LSND excess. The MiniBooNE low energy excess can not be explain by simple scenarios and any new explanation will have to deal with many constraints. I will summarize which are the most important constraints and requirements that have to be satisfied for the new models to explain the excess, giving as example some of the most recent proposals.