Date and time: April 6, 2017 @ 10:00 CET

Speaker: Alvaro Hernandez Cabezudo

Abstract: Neutrino oscillations in context of the 3 flavour neutrino scenario has been a very satisfactory explanation for lots of neutrino appearance and disappearance observations, being also the first evidence for physics beyond the standard model. But there are some experimental observations, that disagree with this framework. These observations, LSND, reactor and gallium anomalies could be explain with an additional neutrino mass eigenstate with a confidence around 3?.Concerning the reactor anomaly, the neutrino flux of the power plants is not very well understood, so it is very important to be aware of that when doing combined analysis of the different reactor neutrino experiments. A combined analysis is crucial, since these experiments work in different regimes of baselines, being complementary and covering different ranges of mass and mixing of the new neutrino. In the near future, a lot of reactor neutrino experiments will come and it will be possible to determine if these anomalies are due to this hypothetical neutrino.