Speaker: Nuno Agostinho

Abstract: Nowadays, neutrinos are the most astonishing evidence of Physics Beyond the Standard Model. The well-known seesaw mechanism provides a simple and natural way to give small masses to the three Standard Model neutrinos. The smallness of neutrinos is generated at an energy many orders of magnitude above the TEV scale. An obvious question is whether the manifestation of particles that mediate neutrino interactions can be within the LHC reach.

One will focus on a very interesting possibility of generating neutrino masses through a simple seesaw type III model, with minimal flavour violation. Within this context, the mass of neutrinos can be generated by fermion triplets. The advantage of the seesaw type III is that via electroweak gauge interactions, the decays of the triplets can have cross-sections that could allow for their observation at the LHC.

Therefore, in principle, the triplets can be light enough to be produced at the LHC (in type-I seesaw, one adds heavy neutrino singlets that can be produced in association with charged leptons, however, the small mixing with the Standard Model particles leads to unsatisfactory production rates for the new fermions).

Furthermore, these types of models have characteristic signatures such as suppressed lepton violation decays of the triplet fermions and predictable lepton flavour composition of the states produced in their decays and,  during the presentation, some examples will be given.

Slides: http://reunion.uv.es/p1tkru4jqsq/


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