Speaker: Fiona Kirk

Abstract: The neutrino Minimal Standard Model (nuMSM) allows to simultaneously explain neutrino oscillations, the existence of dark matter and the baryon asymmetry of the Universe, simply by completing the SM with three right-handed neutrinos with Majorana masses below the electroweak scale.
These BSM-particles can be searched for applying current day technology and experimental techniques, the only complication being the weak interaction rates. One way of testing the nuMSM is to study processes whose branching ratios are considerably enlarged by contributions of right-handed neutrinos. The nuMSM predictions for the branching ratios of flavour-violating muon decays were already estimated in [1], both flavour-violating muon and flavour violating tauon decays were considered here. All examined branching ratios were found to be too small to be detectable in near future, this being in agreement with the results of [1]. However, the application of the Casas- Ibarra parametrisation allowed for new insights into the role of the CP-violation phases in flavour-violating processes.

[1] D. Gorbunov and I. Timiryasov, Phys. Lett. B 745 (2015) 29
[arXiv:1412.7751 [hep-ph]].

Video: http://reunion.uv.es/p4705pdbwie/



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