Time and date: Tuesday April 24th 15:00 (CET)​

Speaker: J. B. Muñoz (Harvard U)

Abstract: The nature of the dark matter is still a mystery, although current and upcoming 21-cm measurements during the cosmic dawn can provide a new arena on the search for the cosmological dark matter. 

​This era saw the formation of the first stars, which coupled the spin temperature of hydrogen to its kinetic temperature---​producing 21-cm absorption in the CMB. The strength of this absorption acts as a thermostat, showing us if the baryons have been cooled down or heated up by different processes.

I will show the discovery space for new dark-sector interactions, focusing on the case of "minicharged" dark-matter, which can explain the anomalous 21-cm depth observed by the EDGES collaboration.

Slides: http://reunion.uv.es/p283yztwrsy/



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