Time and date: Tuesday, July 7th, 2020 @15:00 (CET)

Speaker: Juri Smirnov (Ohio State U.)

Title: "New Directions for Thermal Dark Matter"

Abstract: Thermal production mechanisms are a highly predictive framework in the dark matter model space. Charting possible realizations is important, as it leads to insights that guide experimental efforts to fully test particle dark matter. I will discuss bound-state formation effects that can affect the thermal relic abundance and lead to new dark matter scenarios and signatures. I will also present a novel thermal dark matter production mechanism, that can lead to monoenergetic electron recoils in laboratory experiments, for example XENON1T.

Slides: files/New_Directions_Thermal_DM_HiDDeN-.pdf

Video: https://eu-lti.bbcollab.com/recording/0fd5f89369294e708319b6c3c9d467f1

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