Speaker:  Prof. Osamu Yasuda (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Abstract: In this work we present a scenario in which a nonstandard interaction in neutrino propagation can explain the three major tensions in the neutrino oscillation data at present. These tensions are: (i) a non-zero best-fit value of the non-standard oscillation parameters in the the global analysis of the solar and KamLAND data which rules out the standard oscillation scenario at  90% C.L, (ii) the measurement of the non-maximal value of theta23 by Nova which excludes  maximal mixing at 2.5 sigma and (iii)  the discrepancy in the theta13 measurement by T2K and  reactors at 90% C.L  Our results show that all these three  anomalies can be explained if one assumes the existence of non-standard interactions in neutrino propagation  in the case of normal hierarchy.  In our scenario the phase of $\epsilon_{e\tau}$ is zero and the most favorable value of the Dirac CP phase is approximately 255 degrees. 

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PDF: http://reunion.uv.es/p6693tu9rb7/


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