Date and Time: Tuesday March 6th @ 15:00 (CET)
Speaker: Matthew P. Mccullough (CERN)
Title:  “Microscopic Origins of the Weak Scale and the Power Spectrum of the LHC"
Abstract:  I will discuss the weak scale hierarchy problem from a known, but less mainstream, direction and I will argue that the hints we have observed for high energy physics may in fact be a smokescreen, with the new physics responsible for these hints lying much closer to accessible energies.  In the main talk I will discuss recent progress in model building, focussing on clockwork models along with their associated linear dilaton continuum limit, including connections to stringy scenarios.  The second half of the talk will focus on LHC phenomenology for this class of models, including a new search strategy to look for evidence of new physics in Fourier space.
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